Hi, I’m Kirill Toll!

My career as a photographer began 20 years ago, when my work in the field of magazine and print design required the need for professional photography of the exterior of the houses and interior design. I also photographed many celebrities: politicians, athletes and musicians. He worked a lot in the studio. I traveled to other cities and countries for the filming of reports.

As a result ↴↴↴
As a result, it was the interior photo shoot that turned into another lifetime commitment for me. I continue to make portraits and reports, but rarely and only as a bonus for old customers.

Most of my work is done in Moscow — that’s where my family and I live. However, travel is possible at the Customer’s request and is billed at cost.

I also conduct Master Classes on Lighting and Photography. As a rule, these fit into the format of a large presentation event by the Customer.

Although today I operate as an independent Photographer, my portfolio includes the following positions:

Chief artist with the Grand Media publishers,
Designer with the Vechernaya Moskva publishing house.

My Client list consists of but is not limited to Hotels, Designer and Architectural bureaus. Some of my work can be seen in the photo gallery.

References and further information is provided upon request.


ph.: 8-915-381-82-87
e-mail: pechatnik@mail.ru

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  Archive of photo shoots

8 residential complexes in Moscow

8 residential complexes in Moscow

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6+2+2 apartments. Photography for architectural portfolio

6+2+2 apartments. Photography for architectural portfolio

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Interiors of shops, medical salons, recording studios and beauty salons

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Historical architecture of Moscow

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11 country houses. Work of a photographer with interiors for presentations

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10 restaurant photo session. Interiors for adults and children

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Express photo sessions of interiors. Photographer's work

Express photo sessions of interiors. Photographer’s work

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Hotels, hotels, etc. 19 examples of photo shoots

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Offices, meeting rooms, furniture in interiors. Photography for a design studio

Offices, meeting rooms, furniture in interiors. Photography for a design studio

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Express photo sessions of interiors. Photographer's work

13 interior photography for realtors and owners of Moscow apartments +

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Photographing offline stores

Photographing offline stores

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Business centers and administrative buildings

Business centers and administrative buildings

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‘Pulp Fiction’

    — And you know what they call a… a… a architectural photographers in Moscow?
    — They don’t call it a architectural photographers?
    — There, bears with balalaikas roam the streets in an embrace with Putin. They wouldn’t know what the fuck a architectural photographers is.
    — Then what do they call it?
    — They call it a ‘interernii fotograf’.
    — A «interernii fotograf». What do they call a interior photographer?
    — This is different. They don’t call anyone else.

Price in Russian
Rabota interernogo fotografa    |    Rabota arhitekturnogo fotografa

Many wise people have tried to find a fine line, crossing which, the «photographer» becomes a «professional». I find it difficult to give a precise definition of this transition. But I know one sure sign.

A professional photographer is able to tell the entire technical process of a particular shooting «from» and «to» But after this master class, the client will not leave, but will order the shooting.

In a sense, it is like any art. It is interesting to hear about how the picture was created or how the fight was held. But this knowledge is not enough. This knowledge must be mastered in practice.

So, various formulations of the term “professional photographer” were born. And most often they were due to the interests of the meditators. What to do? Being determines consciousness (s).

Example. If you need an artistic photograph of my wife, then I order the shooting from a professional and pay a serious check, realizing that his fresh and at the same time refined perception of my wife is worth the money. On the other hand, when there is a children’s party at home, then we absolutely calmly call any photographer from profi.ru or youdo.com. Why? Let him stand, take some pictures, a couple of photos will go to the album. Note that I avoid taking pictures of my family. I prefer to live with them. And I photograph and paint in the process of my favorite work.

About versatility and narrow specialization of photographers. The criterion for the cost of a professional’s work is simple: the more difficult the task, the fewer photographers can cope with it at the required level, the higher the price. In other words, steel tongs are needed for tough nuts. Moreover, it is desirable to have a special device for each type of nuts.

Almost all novice photographers or those who stopped in their early development «bombils» are multi-instrumentalists. They are ready to take on any task. Need a wedding? No problems. Do you need to shoot a business portrait? Sure! Car photography? We take and try! Departure for a children’s party? Just tell me when. Each of these photographers has his own luck, there is an opportunity for creative growth. But still, their services at a cost correspond to low-skilled labor. Like a taxi, for example.

Everything is different with professionals. specialization is higher. Of course, a professional jewelry photographer can take on a wedding a couple of times a year. But it will be “for the soul” and for joy, and not 3 times a week for 12 hours ..

How to learn the profession of a photographer?

The profession of a photographer in itself is still secondary to the skills of an artist. Any artist, having mastered the minimum technical skills, will build high-quality compositions in the photographic genre. Of course, there will be questions about lighting and other things, but it is not difficult for an artist to master their solutions.

For enthusiasts who want to go over to self-study real estate photography, I offer a whole package of articles: “Interior photography. Free lessons “ in Russian. It is quite possible to read them through a translator.

However, pressing a button on the camera is not difficult. Many people discover the miracle of stopping the moment, and then for another 20 years they open their «bike». Sometimes it’s great.

Full professional education of a photographer: training in photography with the specifics of each genre and tasks, retouching at the level of transformation of the footage. The shot must be brought to perfection. All the details of the photo should shoot into the soul of the viewer instantly — at first sight. This is the job of a photographer.

Interior photographer portfolio