Avant-garde architecture of Moscow. Lubyanka. Architecture photography

This series of photographs shows the house of the Dynamo Society. It refers to the style of Soviet Constructivism. Built in 1928-1931. In daylight we see a building consisting of 3 parts.

1st corner, facing Bolshaya Lubyanka and Furkasovsky lane. A monumental façade, double columns without bases and capitals, a beveled corner with a grocery store entrance, porthole windows on the top floor. The public and commercial purpose of this part of the building dictates more enlarged indicators – the height of the ceilings, glazing.

The second part on Furkasovsky lane had a different purpose – residential. And even here the philosophy of Soviet design is reflected. Public purposes are more important than private, residential spaces. 3rd part, this is the tower that unites these 2 buildings and dominates over them.

But we see only part of what was conceived by architects I.A. Fomin and A. Ya. Langman of the ensemble. Initially, it was supposed to be a complex of 2 symmetrical buildings, closing the perspective of the Kuznetsky Most. These two buildings were supposed to mark the beginning of a new avenue, but by the end of construction, the general plan of the city had changed, and a completely different building was built on the site of the 2nd building.

Avant-garde architecture of Moscow. Lubyanka

But all these details dissolve in the space of evening lighting. The illumination of the building highlights the horizontal division of the facade with balconies of the residential building, and we see the decks of the liner directed into the distance, an unbuilt avenue and, as if in one of the windows of the portholes, the studio of the architect Langman is still present.


Avant-garde architecture of Moscow. Lubyanka

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