Features of architectural photography and prices for photographer services

Photographing architecture during the day ↴
Photographing architecture during the day depends on the height of the building and its location, the time of day and season depends on the location of the sun, weather phenomena, location infrastructure, visitor traffic, repair work, and more.

📍. To control the placement of cars and people in the final image, the photographer needs to take a lot of duplicate photos.

A photo session at dusk (regime time) ↴
A photo session at dusk (regime time) begins before the building lights are turned on, and ends in about an hour. For the morning hours, the photographer starts work before dawn, and finishes shooting after the city lights turn off. All footage is glued into final images and retouched.
In addition to the usual factors of influence on the shooting process and post-production, the technical and advertising lighting of the object, the general urban lighting of nearby locations, the time of turning on and off the backlight, also affect.

The process of photographing architecture at dusk is not easy. The photographer begins work by firmly fixing the camera on a tripod. The first frames are created for the «sunset sky». Then, shots under buildings at sunset. After turning on the city lights, a few more photos are taken. All these files serve as the basis for gluing the final image.
As a result, only one finished photo is obtained from shooting during regime time for one trip. It is possible to take two photos if you use two cameras and two tripods that are not too far apart.

The cost of architectural photo shoots for Moscow and the Moscow region

фотограф в интерьере. в куске интерьера

🗹 Daytime work

Piece price:
— photo with basic processing without retouching — from ₽ 1,000/ photo
— photo with detailed processing with retouching — from ₽ 1,500  photo
Price «for time»
— ₽ 7,000 for the first hour of work and ₽2,500 rubles. for each subsequent one.

🗹 Capturing architecture and buildings at dawn or dusk

— The cost of an HDR photo, compiled by hand, with detailed processing and retouching — from 15,000 rubles / photo

📍. The ban on the use of photos in my portfolio adds 30-100% to the cost.
📍. If the customer requires, then in addition to the processed files, I provide the source and reduced copies of photos for web publications.
📍. The timing of the final processing of photos directly depends on the volume of the order and the type of shooting you have chosen.

What are the steps involved in organizing a photography project? ↴

What are the steps involved in organizing a photography project?
Correction of goals and setting goals for a photo session, inspection of the location on the ground, approval of estimates based on the tasks and techniques for their implementation in specific conditions, shooting, selection of photos for processing (made by the customer), post-production.
📍. Inspection of the location and advice on preparing the object for shooting is included in any contract from 25 tr.

What affects the cost? ↴

What affects the cost?
The complexity and, accordingly, the cost of all types of architectural photography is highly dependent on the following factors:
The location of the building determines how presentable the surrounding background will be, the number of attractive angles available for work, the time spent on each frame.
The taller the building, the more difficult it is to photograph it at full height. To get a normal and familiar perspective, you need to either step back and shoot from afar, or shoot from a higher point — a neighboring building, a quadcopter or mountains
Weather. Unfortunately, there is always the possibility of shooting being interrupted or rescheduled due to changing weather conditions — photographs taken in cloudy weather or with low, rainy skies look unattractive and are rarely appropriate.
Shooting time. The position of the sun and, accordingly, the general lighting and mood of the photo depend greatly on the time of shooting. During the day, the brightness and color of the sky changes, the reflection in the mirror or glass details of the building. Also, the presence and color of the technical lighting of the building and the regime lighting of the city depend on the time of shooting, the temperature of the light of street lamps directly depends on how warm they are.